During the UPDATE week, there will be 3 public Skill Sharing events – on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Skill Sharing lectures/mini-workshops are open to anyone and there’s no need to apply beforehand.

Monday, November 4, 18.00 – 19.00

Skill Sharing/lecture hosted by Zilvinas Lilas – Scanning lasers and pointing at clouds

This lecture will explore laser scanners and point-cloud scanners – their practical and artistic applications.


Tuesday, November 5, at 17.00

Skill Sharing/mini-workshop hosted by Marie-Anne Bacquet – FREEZE

This mini-workshop is an occasion for students to realize original animated gifs, using a stereographic installation.
FREEZE workshop includes all kind of experiments to create clichés of suspended time. Let’s defy natures impermanence by creating a looping sparkle of eternity!

If possible, participants should bring their own:
– digital cameras (or smartphones with cameras) and tripods (for both cameras and/or phones),
– laptops equipped with Photoshop or similar software (for rendering the animated GIF).

Participants should also think of the content of their GIFs and bring whatever objects they will want to use during the workshop.


Thursday, November 7, at 17.00

Seongmin Yuk, Giorgi Gedevanidze, Faidon Gialis – Connected Realities

Connectes Realities is a collaborative project that is experimenting with the connection between the perspective and perception and the interaction with the space and the physical body.
Three participants wear a VR-Headset device, which allows them to see the perception of the other. The participant A has the sight from B, B has the sight from C and C has the sight from A.