Hosted by: Jason Dy SJ

Photo: Detail, “Care/Control”, Studio Studies, 2019, copyright and courtesy of Jason K. Dy, SJ


The workshop will explore the cultural, economical and political history of Liepaja through field research, building and exploring archives; the participants will come up with imaginary narratives based in the found artifacts.


Jason Dy SJ is a Filipino contemporary artist who is currently lecturing at the Fine Arts Department of the Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City. Through his graduate studies in Liverpool, U.K., he is able to articulate his current creative practice that investigates into “the community and studio-based responses to changing religious and cultural circumstances, locations and events” (LHU). Aside from the general interest in the religious and cultural circumstances, in the “Green After”, Dy is interested to observe the changes in the environment issued by the interaction of nature and human beings.