iWeek – 2017

New Media Art Festival


Signing up for a workshop is free and open to anyone.

How to apply?

E-mail your name, title of the workshop, short CV (education, previous experience in the field, other relative information) to maija.demitere@gmail.com

Use the same e-mail to ask your questions.


Henrik Dunker “Older People”

Keywords: studio, photography, video

As the headline suggests, participants of the workshop are expected to draw attention to people of older generations and issues related to them.

“Studio” is referring to artificial or altered environment and/or to a non-documentary style – so as to create a distancing effect. One can choose to work in a photo studio in the University premises, or to create a studio-like set-up in an existing environment (like someone’s home), or to alter the environment or use it in some other creative manner.


Krista Dintere “Binaural Sound”

Keywords: binaural sound recording, experimental sound recording, soundscape

Binaural recording is a method of recording sound that uses two microphones, arranged with the intent to create a 3D stereo sound sensation for the listener of actually being in the enviroment or room with the sound source.

In the workshop we will experiment with different microphone arrangements and the impressions that can be achieved.



Stephen Fisher, Clive McCarthy “Immersive Scape’s”

An exploration into the potential of augmented technologies spread over two days designed to explore the hidden worlds around us and add information and experiences where the human eye can not typically see using image based tracking. Within the workshop students will learn a brief history of the technology, its core principles and develop using a package of assets unique scape’s using A R as a driving force.



Marija Ri Shirotsuki “VR: Immersive 360 Degree Video Storytelling”

“VR: Immersive 360 Degree Video Storytelling” are two inter-connected workshops. Both workshops will begin with the introduction by Dr. Ellen Pearlman (US) and Prof. Rasa Smite (LiepU / LV). They will introduce the fundamentals of immersive environments in the context of visual culture, its potential in art and film-making, and what type of content is best for 360 video viewing. The participants will split in two groups – “Immersive Performance” conducted by Marija Ri Shirotsuki and “Site-Specific Immersive Environment” conducted by Paula Vītola and Anna Priedola, to create the immersive artworks and performances on 360 video for the “iWeek” exhibition.



Workshop is full. Adri Schokker “Virtual Photographic Depths”

This workshop focusses on the use of 3D scanning as means for artistic expression and the use of virtual reality as an environment to confront and involve the spectator with the intriguing aspects of 3D photographic objects and environments.