iWeek – 2017

New Media Art Festival

Workshop: Stephen Fisher, Clive McCarthy “Immersive Scape’s”

An exploration into the potential of augmented technologies spread over two days designed to explore the hidden worlds around us and add information and experiences where the human eye can not typically see using image based tracking. Within the workshop students will learn a brief history of the technology, its core principles and develop using a package of assets unique scape’s using A R as a driving force.
  • PART 1 Augmented reality a brief explanation and history
  • PART 2 Within the workshop we will utilise pre made assets and the use of augmented technology software.

Stephen Fisher holds an M Comp in Computer Games Productions. He is creative technologist specialising in Augmented Reality media for around five years. He is currently the Digital Media learning advisor within the University of Lincoln BA Hon’s Media Production course.
Stephen’s key areas of interest/research includes interactive user experiences and questions the notion of tradition audience participation. http://staff.lincoln.ac.uk/sfisher

Clive McCarthy is a Senior Lecturer MA Design in Digital Design, 2005, University of Lincoln HND in Lens Based Media, 1997, De Montfort University. He sees himself primarily as an image maker with a lens based educational background. Clive’s key areas of interest/research include the cultural, economic, ethical, global positioning of various medias and the impact or implications on teaching Interaction based media, his recent interest looks at the positive impact of technology on the vulnerable in society. http://staff.lincoln.ac.uk/f53837f6-f940-43e2-9105-1f006c0b5f9e