7. – 11.11.2016. @MPLab

Max number of participants: 10

The workshop is focused on what is called “new” or digital media with strong conceptual basis. Within this range it is media-inclusive; a wide range of the types of creative engagement are encouraged and supported by the teacher. It could range from from photo/film/video to interactive and audio works, to concept description; from linear format to sensory driven interactive and distributed framework.
Final presentation on the last day of the workshop is expected and is envisioned as a artist-talk type of engagement open to a wide audience.
The workshop is open to all, however experience in either content creation (literary or visual), familiarity with contemporary art history and penchant for conceptual experiments, or competence with new or digital media would be highly beneficial.
The proposed workshop is devised as an attempt to raise awareness of emotive reality-constructs based on the concept of natural beauty with all the feasible incarnations ranging from a tourist postcard to majestic examples of Kantian sublime. Creative interpretation of sunset is in this case the key and is regarded as a mental springboard serving as a point of departure rather than a destination. Approaches and artistic procedures will not be prescribed, (advised if necessary) narrative structures could range from alienated/withdrawn (Verfremdungseffekt- Brecht 1936) based on objectified routines, to personalized autobiographic, political. Unhinged mental choreography of finding an exciting improvisatory path in guiding the banal theme to an unexpected new terrain thus expanding the predictive iconography of sentimental is a secret wish of the teacher.

Hosted by: Zil Lilas (DE/LT)

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