13.11.2016. 10:00 – 16:00

@MPLab (Kūrmājas pr. 13)

“Family Day” is concluding the “iWeek” festival week. Workshops are free and open for anyone and it’s not nesassary to apply in advance.


20 Minute Candle Wax Pie

In this mini-workshop you will have to (1) talk about what you had to eat and drink the day before, on Saturday, 12.11.2016., (2) calculate your recommended calorie intake for your age and height and (3) make a representation of your personal data – a candle wax pie – exploring if your everyday habits coincide with the healthy recommendations.

The mini workshop is for children and families, where they can consciously explore and discuss the quality of everyday food and drinks – do we pay attention to how balanced our diet is, do we realize the energy value of our main meals, snacks and drinks?

Hosted by: Maija Demitere


Little Trinkets Workshop

In this workshop children, with the help of their grownups, will make lucky charms and jewelry for themselves – by cutting copper shapes and decorating them with different symbols. In this workshop participants will learn about traditional Latvian characters; but they can also choose to use their own imagination to decorate lucky charms and pendants themselves.

Hosted by: Aldis Demiters