iDisco @Bāriņu iela

Saturday 12.11.2016. 20:00

Bāriņu iela 13

Student concert celebrates the conclusion of the “iWeek” festival with a semi-open microphone.

Fickle Ghost (NL)

Fickle Ghost is an experiment by singer Rosan Vloedgraven. It used to exist as a dreamy freak-folk group but has now become a solo act – focussed on minimalistic, loop-based live performances.

Though the music is described as experimental electro-acoustic ambient, the samples are all self made and performed without the use of a computer.

Fickle Ghost is currently looking for (international) collaborations with producers and visual artists!


We All Think We’re Money

“We All Think We’re Mephisto” is an experimental/folk/soundscape home-recording project, occasionally playing live in varying formations.

Drones, repeating guitar chords, loose fragments of song; various improvised layers of sound put together into slowly building sonic contemplations.

Null Wave (NL, Adventurous electronic dance music)



SSNESNON (live performance)

Mr. Myster (dj)

Demaui (dj)