iWeek 2016

“iWeek” – New Media Art Week
November 7-13, 2016
Liepaja, Latvia

“iWeek” – International New Media Art Week is challenging participants to rethink modern paradigms, standards – how the world is changing under the influence of technology, migration, the ubiquity of global citizens and the vagueness of the constant omnipresence of communication.

“iWeek” is an experiment in a small coastal town Liepaja where artists, scientists, researchers, students and lecturers from differently sized cities and schools, each will bring their own vision of the ongoing change as a subject.

“iWeek” is for students, new and emerging artists, scientists, experts, art critics, educators,  researchers and other interested participants, who will take part in show and talk sessions, conference and workshops where they will collaborate, create, recreate and present their visions in an exhibition, public presentations, performances and a concert.

The festival will be held within (and breaching the) frameworks of

 – slow media art,

 – (deep vs. shallow) sustainability,

 – art beyond science, technology and biology,

 – post-media art,

 – media archeology.