WORKSHOP || Blurry Lines (VR and Art)

7. – 10.11.2016. @MPLab

Workshop is full!

A research into the possibilities of VR as a tool for artistic expression and experience, where we will play with the blurry lines between our tangible and digital realities. We will develop a concept for an installation and put it in practice as a prototype. You will learn how to use the HTC Vive in combination with Unity. Also we will work on soundscapes and analoge spacial design techniques and materials (like foam) to merge with the virtual.

With the release of several VR systems, 2016 is supposed to be the year of Virtual Reality. A spectacle that promises to change expand our borders of reality. In art there are already a few interesting experiments done, but mostly the medium is used for gaming and storytelling. Is it possible to develop new artistic experiments that are closer to a real artistic experience?

Hosted by: Adri Schokker, Teacher at Academy of Popculture and media artist (NL)

As an artist he critically examines the impact of new image technologies on the perception of our daily realities and the way we communicate with each other. He will be assisted by students Corné de Wolf and Iris van der Harst.