The 6th international art festival iWeek

On November 17, the opening night, visitors had the chance to bake sausages and enjoy a tasty meal of Belgian fries, enriched with onions and walnut sauce. In addition, it was possible to enjoy live musical performances and interactive video installations made by Jamila Faber, Yuri Landman, Graham Cooper and Cristopher Hales. The bands Void, Trihars and Dj Ivolinnen ensured the audiovisual presentation.

On the Proclamation day of the Republic of Latvia, several iWeek workshops were held for families and children. During the workshops, it was possible to craft batteries from fruit and vegetables, animate dolls, draw with drills and play music on lemonade.

The previous year, it was possible to hear the presentations of Laura Katkeviča (LV), Adri Schokker (NL) and Nigel Newbutt (UK). Even though their creative and research practices differ, they were all united by topic – the use of media and technologies for children.

Thanks to everyone who came to participate!

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