Expanded Cinema

Intructor: Arturas Bukauskas

Task for the workshop:
“Ask someone to show a film”

– Is it game mission, a kind of RPG?
– What is the task for site specific research? To find or to show generative way to the cinema
– To redefine “film”, “movie”, “cinema” – is it about film studies?
Bergsondeleuzeelkinslacanrodowickbenjamin (almost all letter of the alphabet)?
– You mean, ask someone about favorite move? As audience or dead author? The only one beloved film? Vigo/Bresson/Tarr/

Simple. Ask someone. Each other. Find a film fetish. Became/imitate/force. Cinema is field expanded manipulations. Tools are broken, used not by purpose. Its not about manifesto. It about feeling of moving image which is covering all surfaces moving or steady. Touch.
…Someone (film?) grabs you in the crowd and offers to read your palm. And you know that you going to lose self esteem immediately, but you can’t stop listening to random words from all around as prophecy. New narratives are generated, and you stand without knowing where to look at. Lost. But maybe this is a kind of film form perception – dynamic dissonance between your time perception and external content temporality. Overload-induced blindness as a consequence. Oedipus blindness.

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